My Weekend Look


I was invited to a party the past weekend, and the outfit I wore, I fell absolutely in love with. I just couldn’t help but share my weekend look with you guys! So here it goes.. Maitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of Simplicity


  • My dress is from Kohl’s by Speechless
  • My heels are from Nordstromalbumtemp


I’ve always heard a lot about Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks/lip glosses but I was never really intreated by it. Mainly because I was told by a friend of mine that they sell out within the first few seconds of launching it and are very expensive. Which is 100% true. And I’m not about the waiting life. If the item is sold out, I’ll literally check the website million times a day to see if they restock it. And if I do place an order, I keep tracking the package every five minutes to see when it’ll deliver. As much as I love online shopping, I have no patients whatsoever.

One day, I was sitting in my room, looking at YouTube videos where I came across a review video of Kylie Jenner’s lipgloss – Posie K. I thought to myself, let’s check it out. I don’t have to purchase it but there’s no harm in watching the reviews and how it works/feels on the skin. Let me tell you guys, the review video was marvelous. I wanted to go ahead and make the purchase right then and there but I did not, I made a wise choice by talking more about it to my friends, picked out the shade as well as watched more YouTube videos. After consulting for about good two weeks, I made a decision of purchasing my first Kylie Jenner’s lipgloss in shade Posie K.

Couple months later, Kylie launched my all time favorite shade – Leo. Leo is a dark maroon matte liquid lipstick. Dark maroon lipsticks are my ride or die at this point. The color looks fantastic on my skin and it goes on with literally any outfit as well as perfect to wear for any occasion. Although the price of the lipstick/lipgloss were out of the roof, I’m glad I made the investment. It lasts on my lip for good 12 plus hours. It goes on smoothly, it is not sticky or annoying my lips in any form.

Here are couple snapshots of me wearing Leo and Posie K💋Maitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of Simplicityalbumtemp

Why do you Blog?

Maitri Patel | Elegance of SimplicityI’ve been asked this by numerous people to why I started a blog. So I have decided to answer the question.
Ever since I was in high school, I have been active on Tumblr. To those who don’t know what Tumblr is, Tumblr is a place to discover and post about the things you love as well as join communities of the people who love the same things.
I would reblog posts as well as upload my photos. I’ve uploaded my own photos for about 4 years with mini captions. After high school graduation, I took my Tumblr posts to a different level. I started to write mini posts (3-4 sentences) regarding my favorite product or describing the pictures I would upload. Aside from that, I was part of journalism/newspaper club in school where I would write articles regarding current events in the newspaper.
After a year of serious thinking, I finally decided to open an account. I kid you not, I have made the best decision of my life because it makes it easier for me to share my content with a wonderful audience like you as well as my fellow bloggers.
It makes me feel like I’m a part of something and I’m able to share anything on my page!

Leave a comment below and let me know your background story 🙂


SnOw Happy

Hello, all. I’ll show you pictures of my outfit first and then tell you all about it.Maitri Patel | Elegance of Simplicity | Snow | Outfit | Fashion | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance of Simplicity | Snow | Outfit | Fashion | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance of Simplicity | Snow | Outfit | Fashion | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance of Simplicity | Snow | Outfit | Fashion | Elegance Of Simplicity
I choose this outfit completely according to my feeling. Pink and white are literally my go-to colors at this point. My entire closet is filled with both pink and white. I choose this outfit, in particular, is because it is not only simple and cute but it is comfortable and suitable for the event I was attending.

Keeping the weather in mind, I wore this look to a small get together dinner party. I don’t think anything else would have fit more perfectly than this look. The coat is so cozy, warm, and not heavy at all.

  • Cropped top fur coat and pink wallet, both are from Charming Charlie.
  • Leggings are from Forever 21.
  • Both of my boots are from Macy’s. You could wear black boots or brown boots. I wore brown boots to the dinner but I’ll attach a look with black boots down below!Maitri Patel | Elegance of Simplicity | Snow | Outfit | Fashion | Elegance Of Simplicity


Bright and Shine

Now that the winter break is coming to an end, it is time to be a morning person.

(These are the few steps that work on me!)

  1. I place my alarm clock/phone away from my bed. This requires me to get up and turn it off. If it’s next to me, I am most likely going to hit the snooze button and fall back asleep. (If it helps, set your alarm ringtone as your favorite music.)iPhone 6
  2. Before going on with my morning routine, I like to stretch a little and then I do yoga for about 15 minutes. I have this app called ’SWORKIT’. There are four options, strength, cardio, yoga, and stretching. My personal favorite is Yoga. Once done, I prefer to say “It is a beautiful day today!” Positivity is the key.workout | iPhone | app
  3. I usually make my bed & pick out my clothes for the day, and head right into the shower. Once done, I simply put on my baggy clothes such as a big hoodie and sweats in the winter & shorts and tees in the summer.
  4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’ll alternate between coffee and sandwich or cereal and milk. As I’m eating my breakfast, I like to scroll through my emails, twitter, Instagram, etc.Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter | WhatsApp | social media
  5. Next point is makeup. People think it is such a long process but it doesn’t have to be. My everyday makeup routine involves foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner and mascara with tinted lip balm. At times I prefer to go bare face with just mascara | Milani | tart | Elf | revlon
  6. Time to put on my lovely outfit, yay! Once done with makeup, I dress up and do my hair.
  7. For my hair, I usually prep the night before. Most of the days I braid my hair and leave it overnight to form beautiful waves and let it out in the morning. Others I curl or straight them the night before so in the morning I don’t have much left to do but retouch them.

And, that’s it. I hope these tips work on you 🙂


Everyday Face

Simplicity is the key!

Nothing too big, nothing major. My everyday makeup routine as follows;

Foundation: Revlon – Combination/Oily in shade Toast/Hale 370

Concealer: Maybelline – dream Lumi touch highlighting concealer in shade Buff Chamois

Blush: Milani Powder Blush in shade 05 Coral Cove

Eyeliner: E.L.F. in shade black

Mascara: E.L.F. – Volumizing & Defining Mascara

Lip tint moisturizer: Tart – sweet

Maitri Patel - Everyday makeup faceMaitri Patel - Everyday makeup face


The List

2017. New year resolutionFirst and foremost, happy new year cuties!

I want to kickstart the year by creating a bucket list. I have never made a bucket list for myself before so I’m really excited to make one this year. Since it’s my first time, I’ll write down at least 40 things I wish to accomplish by the end of 2017.

So here it goes..

  1. Live more and worry less.
  2. Visit at least 5 new temple in the Northeast.
  3. Dance in the rain.
  4. Visit The Statue of Liberty.
  5. Attend a VS Fashion Show.
  6. Go to a real fashion show.
  7. Purchase a Tiffany and Co. box for myself.
  8. Send a message in a bottle.
  9. Give people a reason to remember my name.
  10. Go on a hot air balloon.
  11. Go on a camping trip.
  12. Sleep under the stars.
  13. Throw a dart at a map and travel to that place, wherever it lands.
  14. Go on a road trip with friends or family.
  15. Let go of a floating lantern.
  16. Participate in a color run.
  17. Go to the city and have a photoshoot with my best friend.
  18. Go zip lining.
  19. Watch the sunrise at the beach.
  20. Watch the sunset at the beach.
  21. Try Macaroons.
  22. Buy flowers for a stranger for no reason.
  23. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back.
  24. As a geek I am, I’d like to be done with all the volunteer hours I need for grauduate school.🤓
  25. Go Strawberry picking.
  26. See a broadway play.
  27. Catch a bride’s bouquet.
  28. Leave an inspirational message for someone.
  29. Ride a horse.
  30. Take a photo everyday of something meaningful of my life.
  31. Hug a stranger.
  32. Go to a summer carnival.
  33. Ride every ride in the theme park.
  34. Learn a new language.
  35. Have cupcakes from House of Cupcakes.
  36. Prank someone with a friend.
  37. Visit at least two different states.
  38. Visit Europe.
  39. Actually follow my bucket list.
  40. Make 2017 my best year yet.


Casting Back

End of the year makes me look back at the highs and the lows. And of course, how I would like to do things differently.

2016 has taught me so many things. It’s taught me to be more loving, more open, more positive and most importantly, more driven than I have ever been in my life. This past year was a roller-coaster. Even though 2016 had it’s ups, it had it’s downs as well. Picking myself up from those downs and moving forward with my life has made me stronger than ever.

My life this past year had many changes, which i will not bore you guys with. I would have to say, it was neither bad nor good, but it was decent. But I could proudly say that I went through this year with my family, who stood by me, even on my down days. One of the major things I’ve learnt is to put myself and my goals as my number one priority.

My life in many ways has taught me it is precious to me. Things can change in a split seconds. Which has taught me, why wait for the right moment? Why not take this moment and make it right?

Let me give you an example from my 2016. I was very unhappy and frustrated because although calling countless amount of Physical Therapy clinics for internship, no one wanted to accept me because I did not have any clinical experience. I had almost lost hope. After talking to few of my friends, and gathering ideas, I decides to intern at a Dental clinic, hoping I would get the clinical experience as well as the recommendation letter. After interning for about 6-7 months, I tried calling the same clinics I’ve called before. Even though I kept on getting rejected by phone calls, I did not give up. I persevered and continued to show others my clinical experience. Rather than calling, I decided to go visit them and show them my great achievements I’ve done at the Dental clinic. Within a split second, they accepted my internship application and I was asked to start my internship the next day.

A couple of tips I would like to give to those who has goals, wishes or hopes to do something. Nothing’s going to happen on it’s own. If calling doesn’t work, go there and ask for what’s yours. Stand out and if you have proof of something, they cannot say no. No one could say no – trust me, I’m talking from experience. The first change you could make in your life is how to accept a no for an answer, then work on it. Action leads to change.

One thing I’ve really struggled with (and still find myself doing it) is constantly thinking of all the possibilities of “what if’s.” I would always want to do something but end up thinking to myself, “But what if this happens?” Which would constantly bring me back to the negative mindset and to achieve something in life, you cannot have the negative mindset. No matter what, positivity is the key.

3 key points to keep in mind:

  1. Stay positive.
  2. Keep pushing yourself.
  3. Never give up.

If opportunities doesn’t knock, build a door. -Milton Berle 

Let’s all enter 2017 with a positive mindset and spread positivity and love EVERYWHERE!

Good luck and happy new year, loves! 🙂