Summer 2015

Maitri Patel

BAPS Swaminarayan Temple , Bartlett, IL

Maitri Patel

Downtown Chicago


Since it’s my first blog post, I want to make it special and write about something that means the most to me. The summer of 2015, I’ve had an opportunity to go on a religious National Summer Camp. It was approximately eight days long, away from my family in Chicago, Illinois.
There were sixty girls and we all were put into groups of six. We had no idea who any of us were. After the first day of mingling sessions, we became somewhat comfortable. As days passed by, we became closer than ever. The girls I was put into groups with practically became my sisters from another mother. Not only did we share our educational/career goals with each other, but we also shared our past embarrassing stories as well as our goals we’ve accomplished so far in life.
National Summer Camp not only taught me life lessons and helped me find my true identity but it also gave me life long sisters; who’ll be by my side no matter what.Maitri Patel

2 thoughts on “Summer 2015

  1. It was beautiful. Keep writing and don’t let anyone determine what you should write about! You; as an author have the power to write what you want and where you want to write it. #Slay

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