Mall Date

Fortunately the weather in New Jersey, America was pretty good today unlike the past two days; rainy and windy. One of my girl friends and I decide to go to our favorite shopping mall, Menlo mall in Edison, New Jersey. A little before she goes off to travel the world during the Christmas break. We damaged our credit cards so bad at Forever 21, Victoria Secret, Disney and Sephora. Haha, oops!


Make your mark with statement accessories!

After Victoria Secret, Forever 21 is MY store. Couple things I purchased from Forever 21 are statement rings and earrings which I fell absolutely in love with. When I first laid my eyes on them, I felt as if they were so me. I truly felt complete holding onto them in my hands and my only thoughts were, “I NEED to buy these goodies.”
As we were roaming around the mall, we came across so many little kids, all dressed up to take pictures with Santa. It filled my heart with happiness. Seeing the Christmas decorations as well the kids all dressed up brought back so many childhood memories, haha. Menlo Mall felt so festive today!


Menlo Mall felt so festive!


Treat yourself!

Side note: every-time I am at the mall, I somehow end up at the Disney shop and buy myself a stuffed toy. Today I ended up picking up a Minnie Mouse!


“Remember, you are the one who can fill the world with sunshine!” – Minnie Mouse

Chipotle is where we stopped for lunch. I normally get Veggie Bowl, like that’s my thing. I ordered myself Veggie bowl with Chips on the side and diet coke.


Chipotle – Veggie Bowl


In short, I could easily say mall date today was a success!


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