Its time to work a bit harder

Finals week which means running on coffee, sleep-deprived and most importantly, stressed. Lots and lots of stress. Week where we all work just a little bit harder. As my friends and I were studying for the Biology final, one of my friends decided to hit up the Bubble Yogurt during our break time. When asked if I was interested in joining her, I said yes. In my head I was thinking, everyone goes to Starbuck and Dunkin Donuts and buy’s coffee, let me try something new during my finals week and see if it works. I decided to get Rose Milk Bubble Tea and I kid you not, it was a refreshment. When I say refreshment drink, I literally mean refreshment drink. It wasn’t too sweet or too plain, it was just in the middle. It filled me up and boost my energy level back to 100! I was so ready when we got back on campus to resume our study session.

Bubble tea

Rose Milk Bubble Tea


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