I’ve always heard a lot about Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks/lip glosses but I was never really intreated by it. Mainly because I was told by a friend of mine that they sell out within the first few seconds of launching it and are very expensive. Which is 100% true. And I’m not about the waiting life. If the item is sold out, I’ll literally check the website million times a day to see if they restock it. And if I do place an order, I keep tracking the package every five minutes to see when it’ll deliver. As much as I love online shopping, I have no patience whatsoever.

One day, I was sitting in my room, looking at YouTube videos where I came across a review video of Kylie Jenner’s lipgloss – Posie K. I thought to myself, let’s check it out. I don’t have to purchase it but there’s no harm in watching the reviews and how it works/feels on the skin. Let me tell you guys, the review video was marvelous. I wanted to go ahead and make the purchase right then and there but I did not, I made a wise choice by talking more about it to my friends, picked out the shade as well as watched more YouTube videos. After consulting for about good two weeks, I made a decision of purchasing my first Kylie Jenner’s lipgloss in shade Posie K.

Couple months later, Kylie launched my all time favorite shade – Leo. Leo is a dark maroon matte liquid lipstick. Dark maroon lipsticks are my ride or die at this point. The color looks fantastic on my skin and it goes on with literally any outfit as well as perfect to wear for any occasion. Although the price of the lipstick/lipgloss were out of the roof, I’m glad I made the investment. It lasts on my lip for good 12 plus hours. It goes on smoothly, it is not sticky or annoying my lips in any form.

Here are couple snapshots of me wearing Leo and Posie K💋Maitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of SimplicityMaitri Patel | Elegance Of Simplicityalbumtemp

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