New York – The City of Dreams

I took a tiny road trip to New York. I was so excited because my best friend visited me all the way from Texas and we have never been on the New York City trip. Also, it’s on my New Year’s resolution list – to have a photoshoot with my best friend in the city.

On this trip, my best friend, Alesha and I got lost for a good half an hour in the subways underground – which was no Bueno (no good). Despite getting lost underground and asking MILLION people on how to get around, it was safe to say that it was worth it. I enjoyed it because the view was absolutely breathtaking. We got to visit the Roosevelt Island, which I never knew about. Although I am scared of heights, I prefer to challenge myself and overcome my fears.

Later that day, we went to visit two of my friends whom I have not seen for over two years. The warmth of their hugs and the reunion was worth an hour ride of the sub from Manhattan to Flushing.

Coincidently one of my friend’s mother’s salon was close by so, Alesha and I chose to pamper ourselves by getting our makeovers done. I chopped off 3 inches – though it’s not a lot for most of the people, 3 inches is a LOT for me considering I love my hair long, haha!

PS. The salon is absolutely beautiful and the people there are VERY nice! I 100% recommend it to my New York readers, not to mention it’s adorable as well 🙂

(Usha’s Shreeji Beauty Salon – 7 days a week: Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 7:30 PM Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM Address: 40-11 104 st. Corona, NY 11368 Tel: 929-204-9806)

You guys may be wondering so did you do a city tour or nah?

Haha yes, we did. We chose to save the city tour for the night since its beautiful at nighttime with the city lights.

For dinner, we went to a Salvation Tacos which is a Mexican restaurant. I have 0 words to describe the view from the rooftop! It’s BEYOND sumptuous. Though the wait is super long because of its popularity and a number of people that visit there every day – it’s worth it. To digest our food, we walked to The Time Square and just rested at the tables there. Took couple pictures and just admired the city and what it had to offer us.

We were there for more than 12 hours. Though we had to take the train back home, we did not want to leave what-so-ever. Our hearts said no, but our minds said yes.

It was positively an adventure because our phones completely died as soon as we purchased the tickets for the train. We were phoneless and we were lost at 1 AM in New York. We somehow managed to get back on time. Our feet and body were so sore from all the walking but it was surely worth it. New York is a place where I’ll never get tired of visiting and would not want to leave every time I am there.

My heart resides in New York❤️

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Maitri Patel

Time Square


Empire State Building

Maitri Patel

Roosevelt Island

Maitri Patel - Shreeji salon flushing ny

Usha’s Shreeji Beauty Salon 7 days a week: Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 7:30 PM Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM 40-11 104 st. Corona, NY 11368 Tel: 929-204-9806

Maitri Patel

Maitri Patel

Rooftop views

Maitri Patel

Actually being back in the city is giving me all the feels.

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Maitri Patel

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