Quebec, Canada | Day 2


Today I didn’t really do much. I completed visiting the rest of the tourist spots which my family and I had in mind such as the waterfall. Since the waterfall was the only thing on the list today, I were okay with sleeping in for half an hour or so and didn’t hurry up the morning process at all. It was about 8 AM I got out of my bed and was ready by 9:30 AM.

Side note: Call me weird or whatever, but words cannot express how much I enjoy the complimentary breakfast motels have to offer their guests.

I was out of the hotel room by 10:30 AM, on our route to see the Montmorency Falls. Let me tell you guys, I am terrified of water. I have this weird thing about water that if I see a lake, ocean or even a swimming pool, I start to over analyze everything and sometimes, I get anxiety attacks. So to do any activities near the Montmorency Falls was nearly unthinkable for me. However, I managed to get through the time my family and I spent there without complaining. There were literally so many activities you could do starting with zip lining, kayaking, canoeing, etc… it is a great place for camping as well. IMG_3268IMG_3271IMG_3274IMG_3277IMG_0440IMG_0388IMG_0383As my family and I were about to head out for lunch, my cousins called asking where exactly we were so they could join and spend the day with us. I nearly had to wait about an hour or so for them to arrive. It was not so bad, however, it was a little dull since I did not have wifi connection nor roaming, and my brother left me to go zip lining across the waterfall, which was scary. I was not only scared for him, but I was panicking for him as well. All the negative thoughts were going through my mind, my heart started to race and I was getting all sweaty in a 60-degree weather. Believe it or not, anxiety is the worst thing to happen to you.


THANK GOD, my brother came back safe and sound. The reason I was scared because, before him, two people got stuck in the middle of zipping while zip lining. They were there for about good five minutes, which is pretty scary.

By the time I was about to give up on waiting for my cousins and head out, they showed up. We did not go to a big restaurant, we went to a fast food restaurant, there I had a plate full of nachos. Once done, the only thing left to do for that day was to take the bus tour. I hopped onto the bus and enjoyed my tour with the tour guide. He showed us all the beautiful spots which my family and I had missed on the first day. As he was showing us the spots, I came across few Italian marines, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I kid you not.

Haha, anyways the tour was about an hour and a half. The houses in Quebec City are completely different from each other. There was no way you could find a single house similar to the other one. Each condo, apartment or even a house has a story of its own. each is designed in their own unique way, which is absolutely stunning. I couldn’t get my eyes off the beauty.

IMG_3313IMG_3344IMG_3343IMG_3342IMG_3296IMG_3352IMG_3331IMG_3307Once done with the bus tour, I went again to roam around the Old Quebec City streets last time before headed to the next town. It was my second time roaming around those streets but it felt as if it was my very first time. It is like NYC, you discover something new ever time you go there. IMG_339119942801_10203514042929365_463745576587207497_oDon’t forget to leave me a comment below letting me know what you have done so far this summer or what your plans are!

Cannot wait to read all the exciting things you lovelies have done or have planned for the next two months! ❤



4 thoughts on “Quebec, Canada | Day 2

  1. I tried to make a comment from my phone yesterday but it didn’t seem to work. So I finally got some time, I love your blog! Here’s some things I did and will be doing over summer! I went to Vegas and Nevada earlier in May, I went to Cali in June. I’ll be staying in Jersey for the rest of break maybe a trip to 6 flags and Dorney Park next month!

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