Montreal, QC, Canada | Day 2

Hello there lovelies! Today’s the last of my Canada trip. Though we have covered everything in Montreal, there was one spot left which was yet to be touring, which was Jet-Boating.

We had to sign our waiver forms in order to ride it, and in a boat, there are about 12 people. The ride is approximately 45-60 minute ride. I was so scared because as it was our turn to get on, it began pouring and you guys all know how frightened I am of water so to even think about getting on was nearly unimaginable for me. My father and my brother had to truly drag me to get on since we already bought the tickets. The tickets were expensive as well, but it is def worth the experience.

They offer you a raincoat as well as a life jacket on top that way you do not get wet and obviously if the boat flips over, you do not drown. When you are all dressed up, they ask you to hop on, take you in the middle of the river, give you instructions and you go for a ride. They also introduce you to the city and tell you all about it as well as splash you with the river waves, It’s incredibly fun. Not to forget, there is a little surprise for the riders at the end as well! 😉

Don’t forget to leave me a comment below letting me know what you have done so far this summer or what your plans are!

Cannot wait to read all the exciting things you lovelies have done or have planned for the next two months! ❤



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