Pool Hair, Don’t Care


This post is sponsored by NxtSTOP via GetHeartbeat

Nxtstop maitri PatelAugust, in other words, Sunday of summer. Where my friends and I have decided to soak up the sun as MUCH as we could. There is no better way to soak up the sun other than at a pool, am I correct or am I correct you guys?

9 AM was the time we got done eating our breakfast, made lunch, packed our baskets and headed out to the pool. We literally spent about 5 hours there, it was SO, SO much fun. The beautiful cold clear water, the sun shinning above our heads, laying on a beach chair and enjoying the summer as planned in mid-April. Spending a joyful day with your girls in the summer is so therapeutical. It boosts up your energy level and gets you back on your feet and ready to get moving.

There is truly not much to say except for the fact that today was a well spent day. To top it up, I wore my travel hat from NxtSTOP. This hat comes in black and white but I received the one in white. It was a cherry on top to my outfit since my bathing suit is turquoise top and white shorts.

Maitri Patel


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